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Orizont Team Consulting SRL is a company founded in 2020, with 100% Romanian shareholders and a strong experienced team of specialists, operating in different markets. Thus, we are committed to providing a high level of project management and consulting services in the field of ammunition, weapons and related services.

Orizont Team Consulting SRL is a young and active brand that understands the nature of the modern market and the rapidly changing environment. At the same time, we strive to maintain our fundamental advantages — the reliability of our products, their proven efficiency and global competitiveness.


We actively seek advanced technologies and processes from leading industries around the world, in order to support our customers with the best available technology to meet their demanding requirements.


Orizont Team Consulting SRL mission is to  provide advanced military supplies through the evolution of technology innovation, system integration, and product development from our traditional partners. We aim to solidify company’s position as a leader of defense supplier for military services and equipment.

In order to achieve its main goals, Orizont Team Consulting SRL is acting as intermediary agent, distributor, commissioner, representative, associate in its relations with legal and genuine Romanian and foreign entities.


Our strengths are focused on forging reliable partnerships that further our capability to build advanced and solid market instrument for military products.

Based on the management policy to maximize customer satisfaction, Orizont Team Consulting SRL, in its capacity as a defence trade company, can provide all support regarding the export and delivery of the goods and services, operating in full compliance with international regulations.

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Why Choose Us?

Our commitment to our promises is highlighted by our pursuit of complete customer satisfaction and on-time performance. We rely on our established relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of military equipment allover the world.

Orizont Team Consulting provides in-house specialists in the Military, Navy and Air Force able to assist in any chalange. Moreover we manage a huge network of defense experts who can provide niche expertise.

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