Artilery /Howitzer/ Launchers and ammo

Shells are usually large-caliber projectiles fired by artillery, armored fighting vehicles (e.g. tanks, assault guns, and mortar carriers), warships, and autocannons. The shape is usually a cylinder topped by an ogive-tipped nose cone for good aerodynamic performance, and possibly with a tapered boat tail; but some specialized types differ widely. Some of the shell calibers are 122mm, 130mm, 152 mm & 155mm.

Modern day 155 mm shells are loaded with anywhere from 20-30 pounds of explosives which is actually a massive amount; a stick of dynamite may have about 1-2oz of explosives. A hand grenade maybe 4-5oz. If the shell falls within 50 meters of the target it’s going to be destroyed.

At Orizont Team Consulting we can deliver ant type of artillery and mortar shells. Due to our vast network of defense industry manufacturers, we can deliver from the nearest factory decreasing cost or we can check which factory can get the production done in a timely manner and deliver the products faster.


  • 122mm HE Frag (Full Charge)
  • 122mm HE Frag (Partial Charge)
  • 122mm HEAT
  • 122mm Smoke/Illumination
  • 155 mm high-explosive projectile for various 155 mm howitzer systems

155 mm high-explosive projectile is designed for various 155 mm howitzer systems. Its purpose is destruction of stationary targets, places with high concentration of infantry, field covers, armored vehicles, weapon systems, military and transport equipment.

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