We do not have any production line for 155mm NATO ammunition. While the Western military industry sets record after record, Romania produces “in the old style”

However difficult the transformation may be, Romanian decision-makers must speed up the pace for the defense industry. Otherwise, the Romanian Army could be in a situation to run out of ammunition a few days after the start of a conflict.

We come with the ultimate example: American exports of military equipment and weapons rose sharply last year, the BBC reports, reaching a record 238 billion dollars (218 billion euros), this demand being directly stimulated by the war in Ukraine.

The U.S. government negotiated $81 billion in direct sales, a 56 percent increase from 2022. The remainder was direct sales by U.S. defense companies to foreign nations.

This increase in exports set a new record. The war in Ukraine and the armaments sent there have increased the demand for advanced weapons among several nations involved in the global defense and security landscape.

The most important reasons for this growth in the American defense industry:

  • the increased demand for military equipment has been fueled by purchases made by countries close to Ukraine, which – basically – fear that the Russian threat could expand,
  • the provision of military aid to Ukraine by the US government and its partners requiem stockpiling.